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Full Life Care helps adults of all ages with chronic illnesses, and physical or developmental disabilities. We are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving people’s lives and supporting caregivers. Since the 1970s, we have helped thousands of individuals preserve their dignity and avoid living in a nursing home or in isolation.

Awards and national recognition shine light on our array of services: adult day health, memory care homes, care consultation, mental health, in-home care and volunteer companionship.

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From Our Blog

Valorie and Hallie (right) ready to try the herbal tea made from Full Life’s garden. Clients smelled a variety of plants and worked in small groups to decide on the best combination of herbs.

Cooking For Life

Before my AmeriCorps term at Full Life Care, I completely took for granted the ability to prepare my own meals, choose what I want to eat, and modify a food that I don’t like.


The Journey

Seattle musician Jennifer Kelly writes songs focused on human experiences of love, loss and change such as her battle with cancer and her father’s journey living with dementia.

Ann and her mother Arlene.

Her Beautiful Brain

Ann Hedreen is a passionate advocate for Alzheimer’s research and author of Her Beautiful Brain, a memoir that details her struggle with her mother’s younger onset Alzheimer’s disease.


Still Learning From My Dad

As I watch my Dad get out of the car at 89 years of age, barely five feet tall (having lost some inches over the years) and using a cane to steady himself, I feel so proud of the example he continues to set…