Who We Are

Our commitment to full lives, our mission, our values.


Nora Gibson with mother Joan

Executive Director Nora Gibson with mother Joan, participant in two Full Life programs: Home Care and Memory Care & Wellness Services.

At some point virtually all of us will experience serious chronic illness or disability. Or we’ll provide care for someone who faces such challenges. It’s all part of living.

Another part of life is the joy that we find in every day. That’s our goal: We help our clients more fully experience and enjoy their lives.

We strive to make each day the best that it can be for every individual. We help our clients remain members of their community, rather than living in isolation or needing to resort to institutional care.

It comes down to our exceptional staff members who provide physical and emotional care so that small miracles can happen.

In 2011, after over 30 years of providing services to thousands of families, most recently as ElderHealth Northwest, our independent non-profit organization underwent  a transformation in name only.

We are Full Life.


Full Life is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for frail elders and people with chronic or terminal illnesses and disabilities. We respect the dignity of our participants and provide for them with care and compassion.

We are committed, through our program of health and social services, to the independence and well-being of all participants and to providing respite for caregivers.

core values

  • Perseverance: Never give up on people.
  • Idealism: Believe it is possible for everyone to find joy in life.
  • Awareness: We recognize that sometimes every small achievement is a small miracle.
  • Holism: We understand the mind, body and soul equation and how it is core to our mission.