Meet Our Volunteers

April 13-17 is National Volunteer Appreciation Week and we invite you to visit our Facebook page daily to meet some of our wonderful and amazing volunteers.

Fifty Shades of Jen

Jennifer Herrmann, manager of Gaffney House and Buchanan Place, loves art so much that she decided she needed to put herself in the picture, front and center.

Meet Jennifer Herrmann, Manager of Gaffney House and Buchanan Place

Jennifer Herrmann’s favorite part of working as manager of Gaffney House and Buchanan Place is being able to call her job home and her co-workers and residents family.

Still Learning About Effective Decision-Making From My Dad

As I watch my Dad get out of the car at 89 years of age, barely five feet tall (having lost some inches over the years) and using a cane to steady himself, I feel so proud of the example he continues to set for his family.

It’s Not Just a Stuffed Animal

Members of Seattle’s care community got a hands-on demonstration of Paro the robotic baby seal at the March 25 Washington Pioneer Network Conversation Café at Nikkei Manor.

Get Inspired About Dementia Care: Teepa Snow

Teepa Snow may be one of the nation’s leading educators and dementia care trainers but she’s also irreverent, uproariously funny and just plain fun to work with. Her approach humanizes and demystifies what it means to live with dementia and empowers more positive and meaningful relationships for people living with dementia and their caregivers.

Doctors Need to See the Person, Not the Disease

By Galen Dole Client Service and Resource Coordinator AmeriCorps Member (2014-2015) Serving as an AmeriCorps member at Full Life Care through Washington Service Corps, I am learning the ultimate social consequences—and not just the immediate, medical consequences—of disease on people’s lives. I applied for Full Life’s Adult Day Health program in Everett expecting to get […]

Meet Jenny Hammer, Social Worker

Jenny Hammer, MSW, is no stranger to adult day health. She got her first taste as a volunteer at an adult day health center in Bellingham in the early ‘90s, worked for three years at a similar program in Bloomington, IN, and has worked at Full Life Care for nearly seven years. Jenny is the […]

Meet April Prepotente, Intake Specialist

April Prepotente always had a fascination with sociology, but after learning about her interest in working with people, her university adviser steered her to the UW School of Social Work, where she received her bachelor’s degree. She spent the better part of a year travelling after graduation, and when she returned to Seattle in 2009, […]

Meet Sarah Dickerson, Social Worker

North Seattle Adult Day Health Center Sarah Dickerson took the long road to adult day health. Actually, it was a long flight. To England and back. During her studies toward her bachelor’s degree in social work from the University of Washington, Sarah went to England for a hospice internship. Unlike in the U.S., where hospice […]