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Full Life Care helps adults of all ages with chronic illnesses, and physical or developmental disabilities. We are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving people’s lives and supporting caregivers. Since the 1970s, we have helped thousands of individuals preserve their dignity and avoid living in a nursing home or in isolation.

Awards and national recognition shine light on our array of services: adult day healthin-home care and volunteer companionship.

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STAR-Full Life dementia training

STAR-Full Life dementia grant work continues with training, outreach

Full Life Care’s ongoing training efforts continued vigorously in November with another successful STAR-Full Life dementia training session, providing Full Life Care home care workers, staff and community partners with proven techniques for success in working with and supporting persons with dementia. The training sessions are just one part of an extensive, three-year, $1.2 million […]

Another Thanksgiving to remember

Full Life Care’s ElderFriends 24th annual Thanksgiving meal delivery was another success! See photos of our volunteers hard at work.

Full Life, UW nursing students team up for wellness

The act of washing another person’s feet is an expression of human respect and humility as ancient as spirituality itself. That symbolism was unmistakable at Barton Place.

Full Life Care Luncheon: Building Resilience

Resilience is the ability to bend but not break. While adversity is inevitable, how we adapt to and recover from that adversity is what defines our futures. This was the primary message during Full Life Care’s annual benefit luncheon.

People of Full Life: 2019 Video Features

Living a Resilient, Full Life takes work, self-determination and support. Full Life Care strives to provide that support to every client and their family members. Learn about the resilient families featured in the 2019 Full Life Care video.

Gino Orsillo

Understanding Beyond Language and Dementia

Gino Orsillo attends Full Life’s memory care program. He speaks Italian, little English, and is hard of hearing. Communication can be challenging, but somehow it all works out, and Gino enjoys going to what he calls his “new job.”

ElderFriends Transforms Loner to Friend

Since meeting newly retired Jeff Drayer through Full Life’s ElderFriends, Wayne Tofthagen is less of a “lifelong loner” and is now more of a “lifelong friend.” The first time they met, the pair quickly found that they had a lot to talk about.

Full Life’s Focus on Strengths

We recently concluded an agency-wide assessment that focused on strengths, and are framing the vision for Full Life’s future. The first steps are stabilizing Full Life financially and operationally

Getting Past the Roadblocks after a Stroke

Since her stroke, Rebecca Campbell’s words tend to get stuck between her brain and her lips. Full Life Care’s adult day health helps her find ways around the many roadblocks—and not just those that trip up her speech.

People of Full Life: Banjo Pocha

Meet Banjo, a very good boy. Banjo works hard at adult day health. He helps clients smile and is a good cheerleader to encourage clients to finish occupational therapy.