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People of Full Life: Brandon Allred and Pete

Brandon was in a car accident. Pete helps Brandon recover and together, they help others. “I had this amazing dog that brought me so much joy throughout the time when I really needed him. I decided that I would branch out and see what we could do and it’s been amazing.”

People of Full Life: Betty and caregiver Reya

Betty: “To have an agency to do the things that Full Life does for people who need help—elderly, disabled—it’s a wonderful thing.”

People of Full Life: Aniko Connor

Aniko survived a life-changing car accident. “I had a fractured skull, neck and pelvis. It’s just like going back to school for me, building my brain again. I love it so much.”

People of Full Life: Randy and Sharon

Mom Sharon Teremum: “We know that Randy is in a very safe, wonderful environment. He is having his emotional needs, his cognitive needs, AND his health needs taken care of. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Full Life. It saved us.”

People of Full Life: Dona and Jim

“Our journey started a couple years ago when Dona was diagnosed with dementia. Here, she’s really accepted as how she is and she’s here with other people who are sort of in similar situations. And they have a great time.”

People of Full Life: Sheryl and Danita

Sheryl had two strokes that damaged her brain’s communication center. She also has type 1 diabetes. Danita appreciates Full Life for the support with Sheryl’s health needs.

People of Full Life: Renee and Deborah

Deborah: “This (Full Life’s memory care) gives her a purpose. It gives her a better quality of life. I’m a construction contractor. It gives me that chunk of time to get things done for myself, it helps me with work.”

Understanding Beyond Language and Dementia

Gino Orsillo attends Full Life’s memory care program. He speaks Italian, little English, and is hard of hearing. Communication can be challenging, but somehow it all works out, and Gino enjoys going to what he calls his “new job.”

ElderFriends Transforms Loner to Friend

Since meeting newly retired Jeff Drayer through Full Life’s ElderFriends, Wayne Tofthagen is less of a “lifelong loner” and is now more of a “lifelong friend.” The first time they met, the pair quickly found that they had a lot to talk about.

Full Life’s Focus on Strengths

We recently concluded an agency-wide assessment that focused on strengths, and are framing the vision for Full Life’s future. The first steps are stabilizing Full Life financially and operationally