What happens at the training session?

At the initial training session you will learn about the program in detail and have a chance to ask questions. We cover program protocol, community resources, visiting skills, and health and aging information. You will be asked to complete background check forms and a “matching preferences” form . You will also take away two reference forms to give to two references not related to the applicant. who will then return them to our office. Training sessions last about two hours.

How do I know I’ll have a successful match?

We take into account the information you provide us on your “matching preferences” form and the preferences of the elders to make the best possible match. Some of the most important factors are neighborhood, smoking habits, gender and whether children will be involved in visits, but we also consider hobbies, occupation, life experiences, pets and any other information provided.

Each match starts with a three-month trial period. While you are getting to know each other, ElderFriends staff will check in with you and the elder once a month to monitor the progress of the relationship and to provide support.

What happens after the initial trial period?

If you and your new elder friend are both interested in continuing your visits, the match is finalized and you will continue as before. The only difference is that our staff will not check in monthly. And we will ask you to submit brief, quarterly reports (available on the website) to keep us up to date on the status of your friendship.

In the case that you and the elder we have paired you with are incompatible or if other circumstances make it difficult for you to keep up the commitment, our staff can facilitate the end of the relationship and make new matches.

How do I get started?

Download and submit an application now! We will contact you to schedule a training date.