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People of Full Life: Brandon Allred and Pete

Brandon Allred and his dog Pete, Volunteers at Adult Day Health

Brandon was in a car accident in January 2019, and couldn’t work. Pete helps Brandon recover and together, they’re helping other people too.

“I had this amazing dog that brought me so much joy throughout the time when I really needed him. I decided that I would branch out and see what we could do and it’s been amazing. I watched my grandmother go through early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, and my grandfather tried to take care of her by himself. It was so much for him and finally, at some point, she had to be hospitalized because he just couldn’t do it anymore. I’m just thinking back, if they had Full Life, she could’ve gone at least for a day and he could’ve rested and gotten done what he needed to do.

“Full Life is invisible to some people because they don’t realize the need for it in the community. People have dignity; they can still communicate and need to exercise, need to learn or just need a little bit of social interaction. I think there’s definitely a need for that in the community.”

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