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People of Full Life: Dona and Jim

Dona Snow-Miller and her husband, Jim Miller, Adult Day Health 

“Our journey started a couple years ago when Dona was diagnosed with dementia. We knew something was going on for quite a while. Our daughter worked for a company that supported Full Life. We came down and talked to the social worker. Dona got qualified and we started bringing her to Adult Day Health and it’s been great.

It makes me feel really good that Dona can come here, and she’s participating and she seems happy. At the end of the day, when I come to pick her up, she’s sitting having a chat-fest with one or two women and it’s it feels good that Dona’s having a good time. We get around our friends and everybody sort of tiptoes because they don’t really know how to deal with it. Here, she’s really accepted as how she is and she’s here with other people who are sort of in similar situations. And they have a great time. This has opened my eyes. It’s almost a new adventure in our lives.”

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