Care Teams provides a unique opportunity to work together in a team of volunteers to ease the load for unpaid family caregivers of seniors and veterans.Adult Day Health programs keep you active.

Volunteer: The Commitment

Volunteers make a commitment to regularly support a caregiver, and collaborate with other members in their assigned Care Team. We ask that you commit to at least one service activity and one team meeting monthly (approximately 4 hours/month) for at least a year.

Care Teams volunteer duties and responsibilities include:

  • Offer customized social, emotional, and practical support to caregiver and care receiver, in accordance with your talents and abilities, in cooperation with your team.
  • Attend monthly team meetings and maintain regular communication with team regarding service completed, progress of relationship with caregiver, care receiver, and team members, and any concerns or challenges.
  • Serve, as agreed upon with your team’s consensus, which may include structural functions in addition to direct service, such as:
    • Team Lead – Facilitate monthly team meetings, team building, task delegation, and ongoing communication among team members.
    • Caregiver Liaison – Serve as caregiver’s main point-of-contact for ongoing communication and requests. Report back to Team Lead to delegate tasks.
    • Program Staff Liaison – Communicate with program staff to report on progress, and request any additional support. Report back to Team Lead to communicate to team.
  • Complete personal volunteer time log and report after each service-related or team development activity.
  • Attend program volunteer training prior to beginning volunteer duties, and adhere to program rules and procedures, as described in training and volunteer manual.


Volunteer: The Criteria

Care Teams volunteer requirements, skills, and interests include:

  • Minimum age of 18 years old.
  • Current resident of Washington State.
  • Ability to provide proof of full vaccination against COVID-19.
  • Effective communication skills, including team collaboration, active listening, and initiating conversation.
  • Sensitivity to needs of people facing difficult life circumstances.
  • Complete relevant background checks and references.

 Ready to be a Care Teams Volunteer!

If you’re ready to be a Care Teams volunteer, fill out the application below.

You will be asked to complete a phone interview, background check, reference checks, and additional paperwork, including a confidentiality policy and pledge.

Training will also be provided online via eLearning and a Zoom meeting with staff.



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