Spreading Joy and Connection: PitchBook Volunteers Enrich Adult Day Health Group Activities

PitchBook Volunteers Enrich Adult Day Health Group Activities

July 24, 2023

PitchBook Volunteers Enrich Adult Day Health Group ActivitiesThis year of 2023 has marked the return of in-person volunteer groups to Full Life Care’s Adult Day Health Centers.  
We are thankful to have hosted PitchBook team members, who dedicated time away from their corporate desks to make an impact at our South Seattle Adult Day Health Center, during PitchBook’s Global Volunteer Week.  

 PitchBook volunteers engaged in friendly one-on-one and small group discussions with Adult Day Health participants, and worked together with them to handcraft paper collages about participants’ favorite hobbies.  

 “It’s been very interesting to have them around today,” expressed Ailyanna Youngman, a Full Life client who visits the center every week. “It’s a nice change of pace.” 

 The positive feelings were mutual.  

“A lot of my work is on the computer, doing research, more solitary,” explained Anikka Sophia Villegas, an Analyst at PitchBook. “It’s nice to be able to chat with people and get a different perspective. And it was nice that the conversation just kind of flowed right.” 

Hilary Wiek, a Senior Strategist at PitchBook, added, “I think it’s important to give back and find ways to be of help to the community. Hopefully we’re able to make someone’s life a little bit better… to make the world a little bit better.”  

We continue to welcome group and individual volunteers to connect with our clients. 

Learn about volunteering with Full Life Care at  https://www.fulllifecare.org/ways-to-give/volunteer/.

Learn more about Adult Day Health Services at https://www.fulllifecare.org/services/adult-day-health-care/